Another Pointless Thing

Another Pointless Thing

I'm Jonny. I juggle. I like to fill my life full of pointless things to distract me from the important things.

Don’t walk on lava


When I was a kid "the floor is lava game" was fun, but I never realized it would be such good practice for when I became a student and was forced to play "the floor is hepatitis" in the communal kitchen.

Interesting post only for people who follow me…

So I went to France last week to stay with someone awesome and spent some time in Paris which was cool.

Big up to my host, even if she does constantly steal the duvet

Amazing catapillah sandwich…. So hungry!

Amazing catapillah sandwich…. So hungry!

can’t work out if I’m just super worn out from the last few days, or if it’s the double dose of hayfever tablets I took kicking in…

So this happened today.

Nothing great compared to some people out there, but I’ve only been riding for 7 months. And this is only the second day I was trying 360s…